Dimensions of bedroom beds

There are several bed sizes to choose from. In the case of bedroom beds, height and width are crucial. The length is usually about 200 cm. This is sufficient length for most customers. When we pay attention to the height, various models are available. As standard, the distance from the ground to the top surface is between 40 and 50 cm. Continental beds are an exception – in this case the distance is from 60 up to 70 cm. In Japanese beds it is about 30 cm. Of course, bigger size means that it will be not cheap beds, but maybe little bit more expensive.

How to adjust the width of the bed? If you are looking for a comfortable bed for one person or an optimal bed for two people, you can put it on 120 or 140 cm wide. You can also choose larger beds 160, 180 and 200 cm wide. However, the offer in furniture stores dublin is very rich, so you can easily match the furniture with small bedrooms as well as large double beds. We have quite a large choice when it comes to the width of the bedroom bed. Which model we choose will largely depend on the size of the bedroom itself and our budget of course.