Diffrent types of mattresses

Foam mattresses are among the recommended solutions. Their contribution in one hundred percent is made of foam. In this group of mattresses we can find, among others, thermoelastic mattresses, high-flexible mattresses. Deciding on this type of mattress, let us choose high quality models. Unfortunately, not all of them are. This is why it is so important to buy mattresses in a proven shop. Foam mattresses are hygienic. They do not have a free space in which fungi or mould can develop.

Latex mattresses are also a popular solution. They are made of foam, which is based on synthetic latex with natural rubber tree milk. Latex mattresses, due to their structure, adjust properly to the body and provide point support for the spine. By choosing them, you can count on very good ventilation. It is worth adding that latex is hygienic and antibacterial. It will not be suitable only for people allergic to latex.

The pocket mattress looks interesting. It is a spring mattress in which each spring is placed in a separate pocket. Each spring works independently and therefore provides a more punctual fit than traditional spring mattresses. The more springs, the better. This should be our guiding principle when choosing pocket mattresses. Let’s also pay attention to what’s on the spring layer. We can buy pocket mattresses with a layer of highly elastic foam, thermo-elastic foam or latex. 

You can buy this mattresses online delivery or in furniture stores in dublin. I prefer this second method, because you can always try, if mattress is ideal for your body.