Bed setup and good sleep

It is very important how to put the bed in the bedroom to sleep well. We usually decide on a large continental bed or a king size bed, which can be cheap beds or expensive. It should preferably be placed in the middle of the wall opposite the bedroom entrance door. Why is it like this? This setting will give us a pleasant view after entering the room. If you choose a bed with a headrest, it is the headrest that catches your eye and is the most important element.

If you have a small room and cannot position the bed in front of the door, it is good to find one wall that has no doors or windows. This is where we place the bedroom bed.

Where to place the bed against the window?

If we follow the rules of feng shui, the bed should not stand under the window. In such a case, we place the furniture under a wall without windows and doors. As far as practical considerations are concerned, it is very important not to set the bed up against the window if you want to be able to open windows freely. Place your beds between two windows, if you have such a possibility. Then the draught will not bother us. If we have air conditioning in the bedroom and the question of using the windows is not so important, then you can ignore this rule and set the bed as we like.